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Restoration Services

When disaster strikes, you can trust JD Remodeling Company to make it right…

When faced with unexpected property damage from fire, smoke, water or mold the first priority is to obtain an immediate emergency restoration response to limit the resulting damage, disruption and costs. JD Remodeling has a team of highly skilled professionals ready to provide you with the restoration solutions you need when you need them most. With our Service Guarantee you can rest assured that one disaster doesn’t lead to another and the reconstruction of your home or building will be a smooth streamlined process.


Wind and Storm Damage Repair
From tornados to falling limbs; our experts are prepared to handle whatever damage is left behind. Whether the wind is accompanied by lightening, heavy rain or ice; we have the experience and expertise to restore to a "better then ever" condition.

Fire Restoration
Regardless of the severity in fire damage JD Remodeling Co. wants to assure you that we care, and we can help. Your home or building will not be just another "restoration project". Your best interests will be served, and we will carefully guide you through the process.

Water Damage Repair
JD Remodeling restores damage resulting from roof leaks, burst pipes, dishwashers, washing machines and faulty hot water heaters.

Vehicle Impact
Vehicle accidents can damage your home and property, requiring major restoration work. JD Remodeling has experts in foundation and structural restoration repair where significant impact has occurred.